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On-site Support

Remote IT Support & On-Site IT support


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  • managed support for education & business & individuals
  • onsite support for education & business & individuals
  • remote support for education & business & individuals
  • pre-paid service and support
  • on demand onsite or remote support
  • hardware & software repairs


Remote IT Support of a computer is now easier than ever! Our technicians can easily establish a remote connection, view your entire desktop and make the necessary changes required to keep your system running smooth. Remote support of a computer essentially is when a remote support technician takes control of your computer via a remote desktop connection. This allows the technician to remotely view all of your file sets, software and hardware configurations. Using the internet to establish the connection between computers allows remote support to occur anywhere in the world.


Most commonly remote support addresses issues related to spyware, virus infections, computer optimization, Windows Registry repair, device driver issues, computer security updates and web related issues. Once our technicians have logged into your desktop we can remotely control your mouse, keyboard, perform system scans and transfer repair and diagnostic files to your desktop.


BUDGET PC's Remote Support is ideal for those who need:

-PC tune up and optimisation
-Software installation and configuration
-Remote scanning and diagnostics
-Remotely address security issues such as viruses, spyware and registry issues

-Time critical changes

BUDGET PC has flexible support options available that included our standard Remote support and our On-Site support as well. We are able to provide assistance and rapidly solve your issues remotely, however, when needed, an experienced staff member will be able to come to your place of business and work on your specific issue rapidly, professionally, and courteously.


When your computer issues are too much to handle for a remote support connect we also offer superior onsite support. BUDGET PC can assist in installing new computer systems, install software and hardware, replace your existing staff when they are on leave and temporarily fill open requests. Onsite support is idea for those businesses that need assistance in adding peripheral equipment, large scale upgrades or moving to a different location.

Our technicians have the right amount of knowledge and experience to ensure that your onsite support experience is fast and efficient. BUDGET PC is here to ensure that when you request onsite support only the industry's top professionals arrive to assist your needs. Our highly trained technicians provide superior onsite support in application deployment, systems analysis, technical guidance and our signature enterprise-wide implementation services.