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Fully integrated management system solution with online shop

Having a online shop made of magento? running different accounting system to track payment? communicate to our customer in many other way? Still working on the print out your business?

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Why Magento?

Magento is a great platform for managing products and sales; however, once an order is placed you are left with the problem of how to manage the fulfillment process.

Magento users need a solution to manage inventory, process your resupply purchases, and order fulfillment, which is where Embedded ERP comes in.

Unless you process only a few orders a month, the workload of manually handling the supply chain will consume much of your business management time and leave you little time to optimize your purchasing or to increase your sales.

Why MB2B?

MB2B is a platform that will connects your Magento platform. That mean there is no change to your existing process to your online customer.

MB2B will treat Magento as a order creator from online, and unify your order processing procedure, so that each of your employees will be looking at the same system.

MB2B will avoid paper print outs, so that less mistakes.

MB2B will connects to your supplier's database, so no more massive pricing control.

MB2B will provide promote communication with your customer, so that your customer will feel the connection with your shop.

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