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IT Consulting for Business

Independent IT Consulting for Businesses:  Because We’re Here to Help by Providing the Best Consultants on the Market

Whether you are a small, independent business or a large corporation, Budget PC offers expert consultation for all sized companies with all sized projects so that your business can best use IT to meet business objectives.  Our IT consultants can help with:

  •       ● Matching the right technology to meet your business goals.
  •       ● Offering expert technology advice in a timely manner.
  •       ● Providing top quality customer service.
  •       ● Delivering personal IT support.
  •       ● Providing the knowledge to maintain your systems properly.


At Budget PC, we understand that a properly running IT system is vital to the progressions of your business, which is why we offer only the best in IT consulting.  Maintaining current with IT is important for businesses to be competitive, profitable, and relevant in their industry, which is why it is important to partner with an IT consultant who can provide your business with the necessary support.  Our experienced and professional consultants at Budget PC possess skills in:

  •       ● Technical and business advisory
  •       ● Communication
  •       ● Business and change management 
  •       ● Project leadership and expertise 
  •       ● Strategic guidance


When your business chooses IT consulting from Budget PC, you can expect:

  •       ● Access to expert advice, insight, and specialized expertise
  •       ● Gain external objective advice or recommendations
  •       ● Support from the beginning of the project to the very end with assurance of complete customer satisfaction
  •       ● Authority, vision, and influence to drive the required and necessary changes
  •       ● Developed agreed upon solutions and implementation of new systems
  •       ● Organized training for new systems and new users
  •       ● Designing, testing, installing, and monitoring of new systems


When you choose Budget PC as your business’s IT consultants, support can be performed remotely or onsite, depending on the needs of your projects.


When finding a company to address your computer issues through remote IT support, it is important to find a company you can trust.  Budget PC has been a name in software and support that customers have been trusting for years.  Our experienced technicians uphold high standards of professionalism, quality support, and confidentiality.  Using remote IT support through Budget PC is ideal for those who need:

  •       ● PC tune up and optimisation
  •       ● Software installation and configuration
  •       ● Remote scanning and diagnostics
  •       ● Remotely address security issues such as viruses, spyware and registry issues
  •       ● Time critical changes


For those projects that require an expert IT consultant in-person, Budget PC offers exceptional onsite support to cover all your business’s additional needs.  Our experienced support staff members will be able to come to your place of business and solve your issues professionally, timely, and courteously.


Budget PC’s onsite support technicians can offer services including:

  •       ● Installing new computer systems,
  •       ● Installing software and hardware,
  •       ● Filling in temporarily for staff on leave and temporarily fill open requests,
  •       ● Offer assistance in adding peripheral equipment, large scale upgrades, or moving to a new location.
  •       ● Technical guidance and our signature enterprise-wide implementation services.
  •       ● Systems analysis.
  •       ● Application deployment.


Our technicians have the right amount of knowledge and experience to ensure that your onsite and remote support experience is fast and efficient. Budget PC is here to ensure that when need IT consultancy, only the industry's top professionals arrive to assist with your computer and IT needs.


How can you determine that IT consultancy is the right choice for your business?  When you find that your business needs additional IT support, there are many benefits to choosing an IT consultant from Budget PC to address your business’s needs:

  •       ● Using the services of our consultants will eliminate the costs of hiring someone full time.
  •       ● IT consultants have top quality expertise to address your IT needs and focus fully on the project at hand.
  •       ● Your business can expect expert knowledge, opinions, and recommendations to progress efficiently.
  •       ● Our consultants can cater their services to address all of your business’s needs.
  •       ● Our consultants are experts in providing clients with change-management solutions.
  •       ● Confidentiality and security will offer your business peace of mind.
  •       ● Because our IT consultants are experts in what they do, solutions for your issues will be found in a timely and efficient manner.  


Contact Our Consultants:

To find out how Budget PC can assist you with your IT consultancy or to inquire further about our services, please call us on 03 9541 9000 / 0430 751 849 or email us at to get 1 HOUR FREE consultation.


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